Beijing Jucai Printing Works was established in 1995. It is a modern factory whose core business is centered around the design, manufacture, publishing and processing of various publications.
(1)Jucai Management Concept
Providing first-class service and overall planning
Pursuing the highest standards of quality and satisfying the expectations and demands of clients
Using an international management system with modern methods and techniques and first-class personnel

(2)Jucai Aim
    Our unwavering principle is, “Good reputation, modern techniques, professional service and outstanding quality.” We have been actively pursuing an international standard of quality to provide long-term and excellent services to our clients.

(3)Jucai Business
    We undertake the design, production and printing of various pressure-sensitive adhesives. Our products have been widely used in a variety of different industries including the tourism, aviation, pharmaceutical, construction and agricultural industries.

    We only use a diversified selection of health conscious and environmentally sound materials. The quality of these materials are guaranteed and chosen by many famous international corporations.

Corporation Honor
  We have been consistently receiving the international certification of quality, ISO9001, every year since 2000. We also won the Best Quality Prize of Chaoyang District of Beijing in 2002.
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